Technical Staff

TEA Technology Engineering Automation SRL was founded by a group of engineers with extensive experience in the fields of mechanical design, electronic design, industrial automation and telecommunications.

Over the years, interest has expanded to other areas such as the supervision and control of equipment and the integration of systems. Thanks to commercial agreements and collaborations with other design and consultancy companies, TEA is able to play a central role in the development of turnkey solutions and vertical projects

Franco Bulleri

mechanical designer, he was technical director for many years at Bulleri Macchine di Cascina (PI), a historic company operating in the sector of special machines for woodworking, an existing company since 1935 and founded by Alberto Bulleri his grandfather and then driven for many years from Roberto Bulleri, his father. The company, known and renowned throughout the world (there is no country where the Bulleri machines were not exported) then passed over the years (after the death of Roberto Bulleri) to another industrial group where Franco Bulleri was designer and technical director until 1999. He then moved on to private practice, he later founded the current company.

Endothermic motor for motorcycles designed and built by Alberto Bulleri in the 1930s.

Michele Barsacchi

completed his studies in electronic engineering. Parallel to the course of study he collaborated with various companies, gaining considerable experience in both analog and digital electronics, in particular by involving electronic computers, telecommunications and automation. He has worked with Bulleri Macchine before and then at Bulleri Brevetti, with the duties of electronic designer and software engineer, accumulating great experience in the industrial automation sector. He was plant manager during the SICAR management Bulleri Brevetti, to then move on to the profession in 2003 and currently a partner of Tea.

Sergio Pistolesi

he is the operational coordinator of the Company, providing consultancy and collaboration services in the design and implementation of telecommunications networks and services, but also expert opinions and technical advice in civil cases. Some Customers: CDC spa, Interfree spa, Terrecablate Consortium, Hypertix Consortium, Ksolutions spa (Kataweb Espresso Group), Flynet srl, Consiagnet spa, Intesa spa, GSC spa, Snaiway spa, Infracom Italia spa, Momax srl, Comunità Montana Mugello, NewVas spa, Nouvelle srl, Municipality of Siena, Province of Florence, Florence Parking, Province of Grosseto, Nera spa, Interoute spa, Banca di Pisa. Currently Tea partner.

Technology and Italian work